We’ve written about popular to-do list app Wunderlist plenty of times before, and with good reason — if you’re looking for a way to make lists of your most important daily tasks, it’s one of the best apps around. MacRumors writes that Wunderlist will be making a companion app for the Apple Watch and it’s posted some pictures showing what the popular productivity app will look like when it’s on your wrist.

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As you’d expect, the app is pretty simple from a functionality standpoint, given the limited screen space it has to work with. It will show you one task at a time that you’re free to dismiss once it’s completed.

Wunderlist explains that it’s worked to make this app as automatic and hands-free as possible so you won’t have to give it constant attention throughout your day.

“As you move through the day, you won’t even have to open Wunderlist on your Watch to get stuff done,” Wunderlist says. “Just take a look at our Glance during breakfast to review your most important to-dos for the day. Thanks to Wunderlist’s real-time notifications, a subtle tap on your wrist will let you know what your colleagues are working on during your morning commute, and remind you to pick up the milk on your way home from work.”

To check out more pictures of Wunderlist on the Apple Watch, check out MacRumors‘ full report here.

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