We don’t care if this is just an April Fools-related publicity stunt — it’s still incredible. Burger King Japan announced on Friday (PDF) that on April 1st it will start selling Whopper-scented perfume to customers. The fast food chain tells The Wall Street Journal that despite coinciding with April Fool’s Day, this initiative is no joke — there really is going to be Whopper-scented perfume and you really will be able to buy it from Burger King franchises in Japan.

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As you can see at the photo at the top of this post, the promotions for this fragrance are as hilarious as you’d expect: The tagline is “No Whopper, No Life: Wear It & Have It” and it features a man in a fancy suit with a Whopper protruding from his breast pocket. The perfume itself is called Flame-Grilled Fragrance and will sell for ¥5,000 (~$41) for a 30-milliliter bottle.

We doubt Burger King Japan will sell many of these bottles — $41 is very high for a novelty gift, after all — but we salute them for their wonderfully original promotion idea.

Be sure to check out the full video announcing the Whopper-scented perfume below.

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