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Burger King

Net neutrality explainer from Burger King

Somehow the best net neutrality explainer is from Burger King

January 24th, 2018

Net neutrality is not a simple topic to understand. Although the underlying principle — all internet traffic should be treated equally — is short and sweet, how that principle is applied, and why net neutrality is important, is something that’s eluded thousands of column inches and millions of YouTube explainers. But somehow Burger King, a …

Burger King Angriest Whopper Review

I survived Burger King’s new Angriest Whopper, and so can you

March 30th, 2016

I made a huge mistake this morning. After BGR editor Brad Reed pointed out that Burger King had recently released its spiciest burger ever, I mentioned that I lived right across the street from a Burger King. Two hours later, I was in line ordering the Angriest Whopper combo, complete with small fries, a Sprite to …

Burger King Black Whopper Green Poop

Why is Burger King’s scary black whopper causing an outbreak of green poop?

October 7th, 2015

Burger King’s special Halloween Whopper has a special trick for people unsuspecting consumers: It apparently turns their poop green. After seeing reports of green poop crop up all over the Internet from people who ate Burger King’s distinctive black Whopper, The Washington Post’s Rachel Feltman engaged in some educated speculation about why it seems to be …

Burger King McDonalds McWhopper Proposal

Burger King just proposed the unthinkable

August 26th, 2015

Other than Coke-vs.-Pepsi, I can’t think of a fiercer food company rivalry than McDonald’s-vs.-Burger King. Because of this, I was astounded to see that Burger King has asked McDonald’s to join it in creating a super sandwich to celebrate International Day of Peace called the McWhopper.

Healthiest Options Fast Food

How to Eat as Healthy as Possible at the Biggest Fast Food Chains

June 23rd, 2015

Every day I’m tempted to walk across the street to the Burger King outside of my apartment and buy a Whopper. I know, it’s awful, but cheeseburgers are delicious and it’s the closest restaurant by a block in any direction. Thankfully, I have the willpower to stay away most weeks, but if I were to wander …

Burger King Japan Whopper Perfume

Burger King Japan unveils Whopper-scented perfume

March 20th, 2015

We don’t care if this is just an April Fools-related publicity stunt — it’s still incredible. Burger King Japan announced on Friday (PDF) that on April 1st it will start selling Whopper-scented perfume to customers. The fast food chain tells The Wall Street Journal that despite coinciding with April Fool’s Day, this initiative is no …