Since iOS 8 was released this past September, Apple has taken its sweet time in issuing significant iOS updates. Thankfully, Apple has recently picked up the pace with iOS 8.2 having been released last week and the third beta of iOS 8.3 being pushed out just a few days ago.

As opposed to other iOS updates that typically focus on stability enhancements and bug fixes, iOS 8.3 is an extremely big deal. At long last, iOS 8.3 promises to fix the poorly designed iOS 8 keyboard which resulted in many iPhone users accidentally pressing the period key when they really meant to hit the spacebar.

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The following photo courtesy of MacRumors showcases the improvement which, for many, will be a godsend. And all it took was elongating the spacebar at the expense of the needlessly long “Go” button.

With iOS 8.3 already in its third beta, one has to imagine that a widescale release is just around the corner.