Apple says the housings on its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are made out of aluminum, but we think it’s actually some sort of ultra-slippery compound that the world has never seen before. As sleek and refined as the new iPhones look, using one without some kind of case is a recipe for disaster.

Because of that, we often share recommendations on some of the best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases out there.

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In the recent past, we’ve shown you 10 great cases that will keep your iPhone 6 looking gorgeous when you put them on. We also shared some beautiful iPhone 6 cases from a great brand you’ve never heard of, and three terrific iPhone 6 case options for people who hate iPhone cases.

Now, we have a great new option for people who want a case but don’t want to change the look of the iPhone 6 at all.

Called simply “The Veil,” this sleek iPhone 6 hard case by Caudabe is impossibly thin. It covers the back of the phone and the sides, and it also includes a slight ridge around the protruding camera lens for added protection.

According to Caudabe, The Veil iPhone 6 case measures just 0.7mm at its thickest point and 0.35mm at its thinnest.

The Veil is available in two colors: frost, which is semi-transparent like frosted glass, and wisp black. And best of all, perhaps, is the fact that it’s just $14.95 with free Amazon Prime two-day shipping. There is also an iPhone 6 Plus version that looks the same and costs just $1 more.

The Veil iPhone 6 case – $14.95

The Veil iPhone 6 Plus case – $15.95

Here are a few images of the case: