Apple has been hard at work on multiple upcoming iOS versions simultaneously, and we’ve been told that iOS 8.2 is finally moving to the release stage. Barring any last minute problems, I would expect to see iOS 8.2 released this coming Monday, or the following week at the absolute latest.

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Additionally, we were told there might be as many as four iOS 8.3 beta versions. Apple released iOS 8.3 beta 2 earlier this week, so that leaves two more versions before the company makes it publicly available to customers.

iOS 8.3 adds support for multiple new features and is filled with improvements in the operating system, though the biggest addition is support for the upcoming Apple Watch, which is slated to be released in early April. Apple’s event on March 9th should answer our remaining questions on pricing and other details.

Additionally, stay tuned for the first The Boy Genius Report podcast coming later today with some thoughts on Apple Watch, the Apple Car, my struggle with the iPhone 6 Plus, and other interesting topics.