Photo and video messaging is enjoying a huge resurgence right now as apps like Snapchat focus on fun new ways to communicate. Many popular apps that offer photo and video messaging are still heavily reliant on a text element for communication, mixing all three means of chatting together into one app. Now, however, a new app has just launched on Thursday that gives iPhone users a fun, fast and free way to communicate using only short video messages.

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Pop, released today by iOS app developer Gist, is a fun and colorful messaging app with a unique interface unlike comparable offerings. The app allows users to quickly record and instantly send brief video messages, and it automatically applies a unique pop art filter to each conversation.

Chats can be seen on the app’s main screen in a Windows-like tile interface, and users can swipe each tile from side to side to few earlier and later videos in the conversation. Tapping and holding on a tile will allow the user to record a new message in that conversation.

A video showing exactly how the app works follows below, along with a link to download Pop for free.

Download Pop