The Pirate Bay is getting ready to make its triumphant return, but that doesn’t mean torrent users can rest easy. The popular online torrent index could be taken down again at any time as agencies around the world continue to crack down on digital piracy. For those unaware, The Pirate Bay is a popular online service that tracks torrent files on third-party servers and helps users connect directly to those servers in order to download the files. In many cases, those files are indeed illegal pirated copies of movies, TV shows, books, apps and more.

So, torrent fans, what happens the next time The Pirate Bay is taken offline? A new free solution lets you build your own torrent index in just a few clicks.

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As noted recently by TorrentFreak, there is a new service called BitCannon that is actually a rather brilliant approach to torrents. At their core, sites like The Pirate Bay are merely online indexes that point to files on other servers; they don’t actually store movies or TV shows themselves.

So, what’s to stop you from building your own index?

The answer, as it turns out, is “nothing.” And that’s where BitCannon comes in. The solution allows users to import entire indices from online torrent sites and save them locally on their own Windows, Mac or Linux computers. Then, users can search or browse in a web browser just as they would normally.

BitCannon makes it surprisingly easy to build your own Pirate Bay, and of course it’s free to download and use.

Of course, you can also check out these great Pirate Bay alternatives the next time the site is taken offline.

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