Windows 10 is already looking like a huge improvement over Windows 8 but that doesn’t mean hardcore Windows users are completely satisfied. Paul Thurrott has asked his readers to help him make a list of features that they want to see added to Windows 10 between now and its official launch next year and they definitely include some things Microsoft might consider adding.

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The most popular requested feature according to Thurrott’s readers was the ability to “move or disable the new search and/or taskview buttons” on Windows 10, which is something that Thurrott similarly suggested during his own Windows 10 preview. Other popular requests included adding “a little animation/transition when opening the Start menu”; making it easier to use local accounts; adding tabs to the File Explorer feature; and updating icons, some of which haven’t been updated since Vista.

Thurrott’s whole list is worth reading and can be found at the source link below.