Talk about first world problems… each and every time Apple comes out with a redesigned iPhone, buyers need to go out and find a whole new set of accessories to go with it. Beautiful new cases and other add-ons are always difficult to come by because there are so many options out there. Simple Google searches can lead to hours of digging, and you know you won’t find the best available options by going down to your local big-box retailer.

Luckily, BGR is once again happy to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Since smartphones need to be charged at least once per day, a smartphone dock can easily end up being one of your most used accessories. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t yet released its own first-party docks for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so you’ll have to look elsewhere to dock your shiny new iPhone.

Of course, third-party accessory makers have come up with various designs that are far more stunning than the boring white plastic docks Apple makes anyway, and we’ve picked out the five best designs we’ve come across to help make your buying decision much easier.

Here are the five most stunning iPhone 6 and 6 Plus docks out there, in no particular order (links are on the prices):

The Lightning Dock



Trilogy Dock





$90 (includes Lightning cable)




Maple iPhone Dock