As Microsoft is readying the public release of its Windows 9 Technical Preview, Myce reports that Russian hacker group WZOR has released more details about the upcoming operating system.

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According to the group, Microsoft is still toying with the idea of making Windows 9 a free upgrade for existing users who have purchased a retail or OEM version of Windows 8. The company is also toying with the idea of selling the upgrade to Windows 9 for just $20.

Similarly, an “awesome” upgrade offer is apparently in the works for Windows XP users, whom Microsoft is desperately trying to move to a newer Windows versions. Specific details about this upgrade proposal, or the actual Windows 9 retail price, aren’t available at this time.

WZOR has further revealed that a special Windows 9 Enterprise (Technical Preview) that lacks the Metro interface has been released to testers, and that a Windows 9 Pro OEM test version won’t be released.

Other leaked Windows 9 features include support for 3D Ultra HDTVs and for backing up and restoring data to the cloud. Furthermore, Microsoft is apparently working on a feature that would allow users “to virtualize backups of physical systems in the cloud,” as Myce puts it.

Finally, a Windows 9 RT version is also in the works, and a test version will be available as well, but only to Microsoft Surface users.