In addition to the highly anticipated iPhone 6 that’s set to be unveiled on September 9th, Apple will also update its iPad line this year and launch new iPad Air and iPad mini models at some point this fall. French publication iPhonote has received images showing alleged components for the iPad Air 2, although don’t expect anything more exciting than flex cables.

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The publication notes that the images come from an Apple supplier in Shenzhen from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, but the same images can be found on a Chinese website. The pictures show various components for the iPad Air 2, including GPS, Wi-Fi and microphone, with some parts showing a clearly visible Apple logo.

In addition to the iPad Air 2 parts leak, images showing a screen assembly for the iPhone 6 have also been published by the same publications, showing the same kind of components featured in a recent leak, including the front glass cover, the actual iPhone screen, and flex cables, again having Apple logos on them.

A few of those newly leaked images follow below, with a full gallery available at the source links.