If you watched a fireworks display for Independence Day this past weekend, we can promise you that your vantage point wasn’t as good as the ones in the following two videos. Now that drones are basically everywhere, we can expect to see videos pop up with footage that could never have been captured by amateurs in the past. Such is the case with a series of fireworks videos that were published over the weekend as people sent GoPro-equipped drones flying directly through the fray on July 4th.

There are a number of great videos floating around out there from this past 4th, but Mashable directs us to two in particular that give us amazing high-definition footage of fireworks shows.

The first video was shot in West Palm Beach, Florida and the second is from Nashville, Tennessee. More important than the cities they were shot in is the fact that they were filmed from right in the middle of all the action as drones flew through the melee to help us better celebrate our independence. Or something like that.

Both videos are embedded below.