Fuffr is a smart iPhone 5s case that can offer users an interesting additional feature on top of protecting the device from accidents: Leap Motion-like motion tracking and controlling capabilities. Fuffr has its own sensors that help it track all sorts of movements made on a surface outside of the phone’s touchscreen, sending them back to the iPhone via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection.

The technology can be used to improve games and other iOS apps, allowing iPhone users to control their devices without actually touching the screen. However, while the Fuffr case appears to be able to register all sorts of hand movements, including various multitouch gestures such as pinch to zoom and others, the device is not available for purchase yet.

The Fuffr case is still in development and can’t be bought just yet, as Fuffr seeks more developers to include Fuffr features in their apps. It’s unclear when the Fuffr case will launch, or how much it’ll cost once the iPhone case becomes available.

Meanwhile, the following videos show how the Fuffr case is supposed to work, including a demo of a Flappy Bird clone created for Fuffr, aptly called Fuffr Bird.