Here’s some great news for everyone who wasn’t invited to attend Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this year: You can now watch at least some of it online. Apple announced on Tuesday that you’ll be able to watch its WWDC keynote speeches on your Mac as long as you have OS X 10.6 or later installed and Safari 4 installed; on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch if they run iOS 4.2 or later; on your Windows PC if it has Quicktime 7 installed; and through Apple TV as long as you have a second-generation or third-generation Apple TV. Apple is widely expected to unveil both iOS 8 and a new “smart home” platform at WWDC this year, although it likely won’t unveil a major new piece of hardware like the iPhone 6, an iPad Air sequel or its long-fabled “iWatch.” Instead, we’re likely to see something along the lines of Retina-equipped MacBook Air laptops, as Apple is saving its biggest new product launches for the fall.