Designer Jayaprasad Mohanan has imagined what iOS 8’s Healthbook app may look like, based on the large number of reports describing what will supposedly be one of the main features of Apple’s next major iOS update. Based on these rumors, he created a webpage that shows the app running on an interactive virtual iPhone.

Healthbook is supposed to collect a variety of health and fitness data from the many sensors Apple’s upcoming iWatch is rumored to have, and display the information on the iPhone in a similar manner as Apple’s Passbook iOS app shows tickets, coupons or boarding passes.

This iOS 8 Healthbook concept features several cards, including Emergency Card, Activity, Cholesterol, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Sleep and Nutrition, which display relevant information and related statistics. The app would also deliver notifications, such as medication reminders, this concept reveals.

However, the Healthbook app and iWatch are yet to be officially announced by Apple, and the company’s health features for its iOS devices have yet to be officially confirmed. A recent report suggested that the Healthbook app may not be demoed at WWDC early next month, and that instead Apple will roll it out in an iOS 8.1 update.

A video showing the iOS 8 Healthbook concept follows below, while the interactive virtual iPhone webpage, and more Healthbook concept images are available at the link in the source section.