It looks like Amazon is taking a page from Google and not Apple with its soon-to-be-announced TV streaming device that reportedly isn’t a set-top box but is instead a Chromecast-style dongle. And unnamed sources tell TechCrunch that not only will the new device resemble the Chromecast but that it may also do Google one better by having “support for streaming full PC game titles, and as such might be able to compete with consoles including the Xbox and PlayStation, instead of just Android-powered living room game devices.”

Adding a PC gaming component to the mix would certainly be a big differentiator for Amazon’s TV dongle and it fits in with the leak we saw late last week that showed off Amazon’s own gaming controller. In addition to gaming TechCrunch also says that Amazon will likely use its new dongle “to promote its streaming Amazon Instant Video and Amazon MP3 offerings,” which isn’t at all surprising since Amazon has been holding out on making Instant Video available on Chromecast.