Apple’s iPhone 5c is likely the company’s biggest hardware flop in quite some time. The idea of launching a new iPhone at a lower price point is one that some industry watchers had been pounding the table over for years. The iPhone 5c is barely less expensive than the flagship iPhone 5s, however, and it looks as though consumers weren’t as attracted to the phone’s brightly colored case as Apple thought. By all accounts, the iPhone 5c was a flop and Apple reportedly plans to discontinue the handset this year. As illustrated in one designer’s vision of the much-rumored iWatch, however, the iPhone 5c’s design identity could certainly still be put to good use moving forward.

Created by tech blog T3 and shared by 9to5Mac, the “iBand” concept removes the typical smartwatch form factor from Apple’s iWatch and replaces it with a design similar to the Nike FuelBand. The device incorporates several new sensors that are in line with numerous recent rumors though, and it adopts the same colors Apple used on its iPhone 5c.

A video showcasing the concept design is embedded below.