The question of whether or not connected eyewear such as Google Glass is safe to wear while driving is one that has been debated at length, but one California woman is about to square off with a judge on the matter. Reuters reports that technology entrepreneur Cecilia Abadie is headed to court on Thursday after receiving a summons for wearing Google Glass while driving. Abadie was stopped for speeding back in October but once the police officer saw her wearing the Google headset, he issued her another citation for using a monitor while driving.

According to Reuters, Abadie is the first person to get a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving. The outcome of her trial could set a precedent that impacts such cases in the future, though some discussions surrounding the possibility of banning Google Glass while driving have already begun to pop up. Interestingly, wearing Google Glass while driving could actually save your life — a new app created recently sounds an alert in order to wake the wearer in the event he or she begins to doze while driving.

UPDATE: Abadie’s ticket was thrown out by the judge.