The eco-friendly BMW i8 may have one more feature that will impress potential buyers, a smart key fob that looks – and performs – like no ordinary car key. One BMW insider shared the image above with Bimmerfile, which shows what the i8 smart key could look like. According to the publication, the key will include its own high-resolution LCD screen which will reportedly be able to display various useful information such as charge levels, time on a charge and the distance the vehicle can travel before requiring recharging and/or refueling.

In addition to the usual keys you’d find on a car key, the i8 key will apparently also offer user customizable buttons that will trigger certain actions. In a world filled with a variety of smart devices that use displays of all sorts and sizes, with many of them connected to the Internet, smart keys and smarter cars should not surprise anyone. However, the BMW i8 key concept above is yet to be confirmed by the German car-maker.

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