We’re not yet sure how many people care about the first Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung, but the company is reportedly already prepping a sequel that may launch early next year. Korean-language news site Daum on Sunday cited an unnamed industry source in reporting that Samsung is already prepping a second-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Logic might dictate that Samsung would take its time, listen to customer feedback and use that important information in designing its next smartwatch offering. According to the report, however, Samsung could a Galaxy Gear 2 release date for some time in early 2014.

The only details that Daum offered about the sequel is that it will work with a wider range of Samsung phones. The first Gear watch will only work with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3 at launch, though an upcoming software update will bring wider compatibility with devices like the Galaxy S4.

We took a hands-on look at Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear earlier this month and really couldn’t find much to get excited about.