Apple on Monday began offering a number of top-selling iOS apps and games for free to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its iOS App Store. Among the paid titles that are now free for the sale are Tiny Wings and Tiny Wings HD; Traktor DJ, which is normally $20; Badland; Where’s My Water?; and Infinity Blade II, which typically costs $7. It is unclear how long Apple’s sale will last, so those looking to take advantage of the promotion should head over to the App Store soon. Links to several of the premium iPhone and iPad apps now on sale for free can be found below.

Traktor DJ (iPad)

Traktor DJ (iPhone)

Infinity Blade II 

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Tiny Wings (iPhone)

Tiny Wings HD (iPad)


Where’s My Water

Day One

Barefoot World Atlas


How To Cook Everything

UPDATE: As expected, Apple has launched an official page in the App Store that touts the 10 free apps and games listed above in celebration of its 5th anniversary.