Apple hasn’t launched a new iOS device since last November but it still managed to increase its “market share” in May by 0.45% to 59.49%, according to a new report. Net Applications uses Web traffic measured across 40,000 difference websites in order to determine its market share figures each month, and the firm saw an up-tick in May for iOS after the platform lost nearly 1.5 points in April. Meanwhile, CNNMoney notes that the blockbuster launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 did nothing to increase Android’s share despite shipments hitting 10 million units in under a month. According to Net Applications’ data, Android’s share actually dropped nearly a point and a half in May to fall to 24.4% globally. BlackBerry gained under one-tenth of a point to climb to 1.64% in May and Symbian, the mobile OS that refuses to die, climbed to 2.06% last month from 1.73% in April.