An Australian app developer has discovered that Google (GOOG) is sending Android developers personal information of everyone who buys their apps from Google Play without permission. According to developer Dan Nolan, the company sent him full names, suburbs and email addresses of everyone who purchased his “Paul Keating insult generator” app. He explained that with the information made available to him, he could potentially “track down and harass users who left negative reviews or refunded the app purchase.”

The problem isn’t that Google is providing developers with this kind of information, it is the fact the company gives no indication to users that such information is being transferred. Even worse, there is no way to opt out and keep your personal information private.

“This is a massive oversight by Google,” Nolan said. “Under no circumstances should I be able to get the information of the people who are buying my apps unless they opt into it and it’s made crystal clear to them that I’m getting this information.”