HTC (2498) wants you to know that its upcoming “ultrapixel” camera is a big deal. How big, you ask? So big that it deserves to be on a timeline with the invention of the Polaroid and the world’s first camera phone. The Verge points us to a post on HTC’s official blog that outlines “a brief history of photography” and that concludes with a “mystery entry” for 2013 that reads, “HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience.” Although HTC has not yet announced details surrounding its new camera on the upcoming M7 smartphone, leaked details provided to Pocket-Lint suggest it will be a 13-megapixel camera that will feature “three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers” that are “combined to give a resulting single image.” Regardless of whether this sort of innovation deserves to be placed on the same pedestal as the invention of the Polaroid camera, it does sound intriguing.