Sorry, BlackBerry (RIMM), it looks like BlackBerry 10 is the new Windows 8. BlackBerry 10 debuted just one day ago and there are already legions of iPhone and Android users (most of whom haven’t yet held a BlackBerry 10 device in their hands) complaining about how difficult it is to navigate the platform. We saw similar complaints arise immediately following Windows 8’s debut. Both cases are actually very similar — if someone picks up a Windows 8 or BlackBerry 10 device without having watched the intro video during the setup and without having been given any instruction on how to use it, he or she will inevitably be confused and frustrated. This calls each platform’s UX into question, and rightfully so, but the problem is short-lived. Once users are taught by animated demos that play automatically during setup, or instructed by others, they get acclimated to the new flow over time.

Regardless, Mashable had some fun handing the BlackBerry Z10 to a room full of Android and iPhone users and watching them flounder with the new phone. A video of the escapade follows below.