Apple (AAPL) is unlikely to hit its 2012 growth target for MacBook sales, according to a new report. Citing sources within Taiwan-based supply chain companies, Digitimes on Wednesday reported that shipments of Apple’s new MacBook laptops this quarter will not make up enough ground to hit Apple’s 2012 goals. The company had targeted 30% growth in 2012, but actual growth is expected to be just 7% year-over-year.

Market research firm IDC estimated that Apple shipped 12.824 million MacBook laptops in 2011. With a 30% annual growth rate, Apple’s 2012 shipment target would be 16.67 million units but Digitimes’ sources estimate 2012 MacBook shipments will reach just 13.783 million units. The site says its sources blame the timing of Apple’s recent MacBook refresh as the main reason for the missed target, since the new models didn’t launch until late October.