As Research In Motion’s (RIMM) struggles continue, the company is doing its best to retain the most faithful members of its enthusiastic user base. In a recent post on the official BlackBerry Blog, RIM’s Donny Halliwell pushed forward with the company’s efforts to keep its users feeling like they’re part of an underdog team on the verge of a comeback. The strategy is indeed a wise one — playing up RIM’s role as the underdog further unites devoted BlackBerry users as they await RIM’s next-generation devices, which are due to begin launching early next year. And RIM is also not shy in repeatedly thanking BlackBerry fans for their ongoing support, which is another smart move that makes their connection to their handset vendor of choice even more personal. “We remain steadfastly devoted to each of you, appreciative of your support and honored to share what’s to come,” Halliwell wrote.