Each time Apple (AAPL) launches a new iPhone, two things are expected: sales records and scandals. In the former category, Apple announced last week that it sold twice as many iPhones during the iPhone 5’s first 24 hours of pre-sales availability than it did last year, and the company confirmed on Monday that opening-weekend sales topped 5 million units. In the latter, “Mapsgate” got the ball rolling last week and now we can follow it up with “Scuffgate.” In a thread that spans more than 100 pages on the MacRumors discussion forums, a number of early iPhone 5 adopters are reporting that their handsets came scuffed and scratched out of the box. Reports surrounding marks on the black model are far more common than they are with Apple’s white model, and BGR can confirm that one of our new units shipped with a tiny chip on the bottom of the black anodized aluminum antenna. Apple has not commented on the issue publicly.