iPhone 5 Teardown

The iPhone 5 doesn’t officially launch until Friday, September 21st and photos have already surfaced revealing most of the device’s internal parts and battery. Beating iFixit to the punch, iPhone-Garage.de has posted detailed shots of the iPhone 5’s guts. As expected from a device with a thickness of only 7.6mm, Apple (AAPL) has done an incredible job of cramming so many tiny components into the chassis. Naturally, the largest piece inside of the iPhone 5 is the 1,440 mAh, 3.8 volts and 5.45 watts-per-hour battery to power the larger 4-inch Retina display and keep 4G LTE power consumption in check. Again, as with any piece of Apple hardware, the inside is just as good-looking as the outside. How many companies take that kind of care into designing its products? Not many. A few more shots of the iPhone 5 teardown follow below.

[Via MacRumors]