With this generation’s unusually long console cycle, all eyes are on Nintendo’s (NTDOYWii U to kick off the next generation of console entertainment. Ahead of a Nintendo event on September 13th that is expected to reveal official pricing and launch date details for the Wii U, GameFAQs member “h0undd0gg” has posted a video showing three potential SKUs that are reportedly planned. If the leak is indeed authentic, pricing for the Wii U could start as low as $249.99 and top out at $349.99.

According to the leaked video, listings from VPD (Videos Products Distributors) — providers of wholesale games to U.S. retailers including Amazon (AMZN), Blockbuster and Overstock —  suggest the Wii U might launch on November 11th with bundles priced $249.99, $299.99 and $349.99. No information was provided on what each bundle would include, although common sense would suggest a game or extra GamePad controller would fit the package. Earlier rumors have suggested the Wii U could launch on November 18th.

Both dates are plausible as Nintendo has historically launched new hardware on Sundays — Wii on November 19th, 2006; DS on November 21st, 2004; and GameCube on November 18th, 2001. A Wii U launch in mid-November would be not be out of the ordinary.

[Via NintendoLife]


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