The latest trial in the ongoing saga that is Apple (AAPL) versus the world kicked off this week as the company set its sights on Samsung (005930) in a San Jose, California court. The days leading up to trial were far more interesting than Monday’s jury selection and Tuesday’s opening statements — Samsung rejected Apple’s settlement offer, Apple rejected Samsung’s settlement offer, Samsung told Apple it wouldn’t have sold a single iPhone without stealing Samsung’s protected technology, Apple said Samsung knew it was ripping off the iPhone but did it anyway, Samsung proved that it was designing full touchscreen smartphones long before the first iPhone was unveiled — but now some interesting new items have emerged from the country’s favorite tech soap opera.

A number of early iPhone designs were revealed late last week as tech blogs scoured court filings for anything that might be of interest. Late on Tuesday, however, The Verge hit the jackpot and unearthed Apple mock-ups of nearly 40 different iPhone and iPad prototype designs.

The renders reveal a number of directions Apple considered going with its iOS gear, and since the last round of prototypes revealed a design that was very similar to the next-generation iPhone’s design that was recently examined on video, we could very well see some devices based on these early renders hit the market at some point in the future.

More designs can be found by following the read link below.