Shipments of Apple computers appear to have outgrown Windows PC shipments for the 25th consecutive quarter in Q2 2012, reports Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt. Following the release of Gartner’s second-quarter PC market estimates, Fortune has published the results of a survey that polled 61 different analysts in search of a consensus. The results are in: Wall Street analysts see Apple having shipped 4.41 million Macs last quarter, and independent analysts put the figure at 4.49 million. In either case, Apple, which shipped 3.95 million Macs in the second calendar quarter last year, would have enjoyed growth that handily tops the decline the global Windows PC market saw in the June quarter. Of course, it’s comparatively easy to grow when you have nowhere to go but up — as of the end of June, Net Applications estimates Microsoft’s share of the desktop operating system market to be 92.23% compared to just 6.72% for the Mac platform.