RIM isn’t the only former smartphone giant that’s hurting, as Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has been getting hammered lately as well. And according to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, it seems that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has a few regrets about some of his company’s recent decisions. Dediu provdies a translation of Elop’s interview on Thursday with a Finnish newspaper where executive says he’d change several decisions that Nokia has made if he had the chance. “The past year and a half have had situations where we might [have done] some things differently if we had known [things were] changing so rapidly, even faster than anyone could have predicted,” Elop said according to Dediu. “One example of this is the Android phones prices in rapid decline in market such as China. It has happened so quickly that Nokia’s situation has become more difficult in the short term, but we continue to refine our strategy. Each time the future is difficult to predict, the situation is difficult.”