In addition to the possible Apple iPhone 5 launch date, our source at Telus has shared an internal document that reveals a slew of release dates for some of the most hotly-anticipated handsets on this side of the equator. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 — what’s sure to be RIM’s finest Blackberry ever — should be available for purchase starting around August 15th in North America. Holding out for the upgraded BlackBerry Torch 2? The follow-up to the original model should be available around August 15th as well, in Canada at least. The BlackBerry Torch 9860 (full touchscreen version) is slated to touch down on or around August 22nd with the BlackBerry Curve Apollo bringing up the rear on August 29th. Hit the break for more.

The BlackBerry Orlando, the touchscreen low-cost Curve, is currently set to be released on October 1st, and the BlackBerry Bellagio, a touch and type version based on the BlackBerry 9700 is also set to debut on that date alongside the iPhone 5, as we already noted. Lastly, it’s not over for October 1st as the unannounced Sony Ericsson Urishi ST18a, a thin Gingerbread Android handset, is slated to also launch on the first day of October in Canada as well. Finally, the entry-level Samsung Cooper (Galaxy Ace) should launch on October 15th. We expect most the aforementioned handsets to be released in the U.S. very soon after the Canadian release dates, or possibly even before in some cases. All the juicy details can be seen in our image gallery above.