Mr. Murdoch et al. took the wraps off of News Corp’s The Daily at a press conference on Wednesday. The gist of the new digital publication is that it’s a daily newspaper built for the iPad that offers original content and immersive, interactive features. Sounds cool. But what about the majority of the world, which still finds itself iPad-less in spite of all that magic? And what about frugal owners of the magical iPad who can’t be bothered to fork over a buck each week to support the hard work of The Daily’s news team and creators? Well luckily for both camps, we now have The Daily: Indexed. Programmer Andy Baio has put together a Tumblog that indexes The Daily content each day and presents it as a list of links. All of the articles linked by the Tumblog are hosted on The Daily website, though they are really only intended to be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter from within the iPad app. If you’re looking for a taste of Rupert’s new “paper” and don’t have access to an iPad to take advantage of the free two-week trial, The Daily: Indexed has the the goods.

[Via Gizmodo]