Apple reported its earnings for the first quarter of its 2011 fiscal year last night, posting revenue of nearly $27 billion on record sales. But as is often the case, much of the juicy stuff came from the question and answer session following the call, where analysts try their best to delve into areas not covered by Apple’s report or its press release. Apple fans who weren’t privy to the topics covered in the Q&A session will be happy to know that market watcher Seeking Alpha has issued a full transcription of the call from start to finish. Analysts didn’t manage to get any state secrets out of the crew from Cupertino, of course, but there were a few peaks among the valleys. Speaking of valleys, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster even managed to work in a subtle question about Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ leave, wondering just how prepared the company is right now for the long haul. Spoiler alert: COO Tim Cook’s response was that Apple is magic. Seriously. Hit the read link for the full transcript.