According to an unconfirmed report on French enthusiast blog, Samsung is currently developing a Windows 7 tablet PC with a slide-out keyboard. Citing multiple sources, the blog says that a forthcoming tablet from Samsung — codenamed Samsung Gloria — will feature a 10-inch touchscreen display and a slide-out keyboard. The concept seems less than ideal; a device that large with a keyboard that slides out and remains parallel to the display would basically be a nightmare to use. While the blog’s mock-up of the device, pictured above, shows a landscape slider, we can only see this working if the keypad slides out in portrait orientation — unless Samsung has managed to develop an adjustable display mechanism like the one found on the HTC Touch Pro. On a device this large, however, such a mechanism would likely cause the device to topple over. But is convinced the device is destined for market, and our interest is definitely peaked. According to the report, the Samsung Gloria will be released some time in March or April 2011.

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