We realize we have now covered a Motorola product two out of two times, but we’re still in love with the old Motorola, and have one more up our sleeves for you… the Motorola Vader v8160. This little bugger came after the iconic StarTac and is as close to the miniature phone in Zoolander as we have gotten. The handset was a CDMA device available in the US on Verizon (I had the Bell Atlantic one) and Sprint. This was also one of the first phones to have decent WAP support, and I remember feverishly refreshing those horrible text-based menus looking at news, weather, stocks, and even movie times back then. So, come on… how many of you were rockin’ a Vader? Best phone ever or what?

BGR Throwback Thursday is a weekly series covering our (and your) favorite gadgets of yesterday and yesteryear.