The wait is finally over: T-Mobile has just announced the Motorola CLIQ pre-order details as well as pricing. So, exactly when can you get your hands on Motorola’s come-back device? Presale orders start for existing customers on October 19 and goes through to November 1. The device will be hitting stores and be made available online the day after presales end — November 2. Unfortunately, those “free” rumors turned out to be, well, rumors as T-Mobile and Motorola are expecting $199 with a new contract and a data plan that starts at $24.99 per month (don’t forget data plans for smartphones are mandatory for T-Mobile, as if you’d buy this phone without one). With a 5MP camera, a nice UI and support for up to 32GB of memory expansion, it’s definitely a nice handset. We’re just not sure the pricing is correct… What do you guys (and girls) think?