One of our oh-so-trusty ninjas hit us up last night with the above photo. It’s the much-rumored Qualcomm FLO TV personal TV unit. While Qualcomm is mostly known for making processors for mobile devices, it looks like they will be branching outside of their normal work and possibly manufacturing hardware, at least based on what we’ve been hearing about the FLO PTV product. FLO TV is available currently on AT&T and Verizon network handsets (depending on model) and uses a specific frequency separate of cellular signals to broadcast live TV to phones and devices. What the PTV product would do, is work as a standalone device which we’re hearing would also double as a portable media player of some kind. Previous rumors have pegged the device as having a capacitive touch screen, 4GB of built-in storage space and stereo speakers. Those specs fit in line with what we’ve been told. Sorry the picture isn’t a little bigger, but hey, it’s better than some sketches, right?