Granted this isn’t typically how we learn of new handsets from Sprint, but anyone still not convinced that Sprint is indeed preparing to launch a new variant of the Instinct can now rest easy. Sure, last month we exclusively told you about the phone appearing on Best Buy’s site and then about a week later it popped up again in live shots, but some people just aren’t happy until they hear it from the horse’s mouth. For those people, we’re happy to inform you that the horse’s most recent newsletter sent out to Premier customers includes the little image and ensuing blurb you see to the right. Whether or not it was included by mistake is unknown but it was in fact included and as such, it’s more than safe to say a launch is almost at hand. The blurb highlights “a 3.2″ screen, enhanced visual voicemail, simpler texting, improved browsing and a 5-megapixel camera,” so consider those the main talking points once Sprint does finally unveil its new Instinct. As for when that might happen or how much the HD will cost, no word yet we’re afraid. Soon, Sprint fans, soon.

Thanks, Tom!