We hope you’re sitting down, Pre people… Believe it or not, there’s a new app in the App Catalog this morning! More than one even! First up, the star of the show, Open Table has released its ever-popular reservations app for the Palm Pre. For those who aren’t familiar with the Open Table service, it allows you to find restaurants in your area and reserve a table at a time of your choosing all from within the app. You can even invite attendees with Open Table’s Pre app and it will add the reservation details to your calendar for you. Sweet. The app is free of course, since Open Table makes its money through deals with restaurants, and it’s available in the App Catalog immediately. Joining it is Fliq Bookmarks by Mark/Space, a bookmark sync utility that works alongside The Missing Sync to sync your Pre bookmarks with Safari. Not quite exciting but hey, at least it’s something. Let us know what you think if you’ve checked out either of these new apps.