There’s no getting around it — WordPress applications for the BlackBerry don’t exist. Well, there are a small few, but they’re so bad that they’re not even worth mentioning. The first one actually worth a write-up, though, is ScreamingToaster’s Wicked WordPress application. We’ve been using it on and off for a little over a month and like the way the app functions. It’s the first application which has a decent enough GUI to be considered friendly and it’s loaded with great features like post creation, post viewing, comment viewing/moderation, photo integration, GPS integration, and more.

ScreamingToaster also really listens to feedback which is refreshing. They customized the entire photo attachment dialog and options settings just based on our feedback alone. If you’re a WordPress junkie and don’t feel like waiting until WordPress’ own application is usable, give Wicked WordPress a go with a 14 day free trial. Just know that if you like the app, you have to get over the full price of $30/year. Yeah, a year.