Ahhh, the Dev Team — where would we be without them? Just last week the crew issued ultrasn0w, making jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone 3G as easy as finding a farting app in the App Store. But what about 3GS owners? As fast as the Dev Team works, a separate hacker by the name of “geohot” (the guy who made the first iPhone unlock as well as the injection vector for the first iPhone 3G unlock) has made a major breakthrough with the help of his friends at Chronic Dev. A little before 4:00AM this morning, George Hotz became the first person in the world to have a fully jailbroken iPhone 3GS (picture above). Now of course this doesn’t mean it will be released to the masses just yet, but it does mean we’re unbelievably close to lift off. Geohot ftw! Hit the jump for one more shot.