‘Tis the season and with the financial world standing at attention, Apple has just made its Q2 results for the fiscal year 2009 public. Despite a few who speculated that Wall Streets projections could be a bit of a reach in some areas, Apple managed to surpass projections just about everywhere. Starting with revenue, Apple pulled down $8.16 billion representing a solid 6 percent growth year over year. Profits were up YoY as well, from $1.05 billion in Q2 FY08 to $1.21 billion in Q2 FY09. As far as shipments are concerned:

  • Mac computers: 2.2 million units, 3 percent decline YoY
  • iPods: 11.01 million units, 3 percent growth YoY
  • iPhones: 3.79 million units, 123 percent growth YoY

While Mac sales are the obvious low point for Apple, shipments still managed to beat the Street’s consensus by about 100k. The high point of course is the iPhone which, as we all know, is a revenue making machine. iPod sales were also a highlight of course, with Apple beating the Street by a cool million units shipped.