It’s a day early and though some might say it’s still a dollar short, Nokia die hards in close proximity to a Flagship store will be happy to learn the the 5800 XpressMusic NAM is now in stock at Nokia’s retail stores – all set to go on sale today around 3:00 pm. Initial launch details slated the 5800 release for tomorrow but we’re fanboys won’t be complaining about getting their paws on the handset slightly ahead of schedule. The price is set at the reported $399, up from the announced $360, but it’s still a pretty good deal and should tide people over until they get the handset they really want — the N97. Those who took advantage of the pre-order discount opportunity this past Valentine’s Day will be happy to learn that orders will likely ship in the next few days. Woo hoo! So is anyone getting ready to fight the elements and head down to a Flagship store?