Dell chose the final weekday of CES 2009 to take the wraps off its rumor-riddled Adamo premium notebook, but took a very odd approach when doing so. During a press event a short while ago, Dell made a few announcements as media attendees awaited news of the Adamo. When the time finally came, Dell revealed that Adamo is in fact its new luxury line as opposed to a single model and displayed an unbelievably sexy notebook that represents the first in the Adamo series. The problem? The company revealed absolutely nothing about it. It’s sleek, it’s dark, it looks gorgeous and that’s just about all she wrote. Even during the short hands-on time after the event, no one was permitted to boot the device or really do anything short of snapping a few shots besides Engadget. So all we know for sure is that we’re looking at display of approximately 13″, 3 USB ports and an eSATA jack. Also, it’s definitely not thinner than the MacBook Air as had been speculated, though we don’t carry our laptop around in a manila envelope so a tiny bit of bulk is hardly an issue. The rest remains a mystery – no word on pricing, the processor, available configurations or anything else. The Adamo model shown off at the Dell press event will be made available some time in 1H 2009. Are we excited? Thanks to a stunning lack of information, we really have no idea.

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