Well lookie here – apparently there are a few companies other than TV manufacturers planning to unleash some sexy new gear on us at CES. One such company, from the looks of things, is OQO. It has been quite a while since the UMPC manufacturer made waves with its Model 02 but according to an email for Digital Experience, a preview event held the day before CES opens its doors, OQO has a fresh new model set to be unveiled:

OQO, Inc. announces the new model 2+ with the Intel® Atom™ processor, the world’s first PC OLED display, and worldwide 3G capability. Based on the 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM, the OQO model 2+ offers performance up to twice as fast as its predecessor and includes an embedded touchscreen for easier input.

Wow. It’s hard to pick something to focus on there, isn’t it? 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, touchscreen OLED display, global 3G, “up to twice as fast”… Awesome. News of an Atom-powered OQO prototype came back in August when the company showcased a teaser but we never thought it would amount to this. Good show OQO, we’re definitely looking forward to getting our hands on this one.

[Via Engadget]