Oops. Murphy’s Law may be in full swing today for the country’s largest GSM carrier at the worst-possible time – iPhone 3G / Wal-Mart launch day. We’ve yet to have any issues in the New York area but emails are hitting us en masse from AT&T customers reporting network outages across the east coast and beyond. Most reports recount difficulties with connecting via AT&T’s 3G network but some go further to detail voicemail difficulties, BlackBerry service outages and even complete network outages spanning hours at a time. This is obviously a pretty big deal for Wal-Mart locations in affected areas – imagine switching from your current carrier to snag a shiny new iPhone 3G and stepping out of the store only to find that your new toy won’t make a voice or data connection. Yikes. We spoke to AT&T after hours customer service and after about 30 minutes on hold, they did confirm “reports of network troubles” but couldn’t (or wouldn’t) specify which regions might be affected or whether or not these issues had been resolved. Time to sound off, BGR readers – any problems in your area?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!